Both parties look to make gains in Senate

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Senate seats in play

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Early voting starts Oct. 23!

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What's the big deal with Question K?

Question K, which passed with 77% of the votes, makes it easier for people to participate in our city's future by moving city elections to the same year as Presidential elections. More »


Newt’s “Path to Legality” would benefit few, Pew finds

Perhaps you’ve heard of Newt Gingrich’s plan for illegal immigrants to become legal. Apparently, it wouldn’t help that many people, as the requirements are so specific that only a handful of immigrants are even eligible.

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Both Charter Amendments Pass

Both Charter Amendments on the ballot Election Day have passed. These are unofficial results.


QUESTION A – Nonlapsing Funds for Quality Schools – Reinvesting in Our Youth

For              38,040       86.9%

Against        5,727         13.1%

QUESTION B – City Council – Age Requirements

For              33,790       74.3%

Against        11,710       25.7%



Mayor Wins Re-Election

Incumbent Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake won her first full term in a landslide victory last night. Democrats swept all city offices in a heavily blue city. However, turnout was only 13.28%.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Official Photograph

After a dramatic set of primary elections, there were few surprises in the general election. In District 7, there were more write-in votes than Republican votes. In District 13, a dedicated write-in campaign for Democrat Shannon Sneed limited Warren Branch to barely over 50% of the vote.