State Ballot Question Results by County

Sometimes it’s easier to view the results of an election graphically. These maps show which counties voted FOR Maryland ballot questions 4, 6, and 7, which voted AGAINST each measure, and which voted BARELY AGAINST the questions (between 50-51% No). Click any image to enlarge.

Question 4 - Click to enlarge.

Question 4 – Click to enlarge.

Question 6 - Click to enlarge.

Question 6 – Click to enlarge.

Question 7 - Click to enlarge.

Question 7 – Click to enlarge.


Questions 4 and 6 deal with social issues: 4 asks whether immigrants in Maryland should be able to pay the lower in-state tuition rates, while 6 asks whether homosexual couples have the right to be legally married in Maryland. Not surprisingly, the famously liberal Howard and Montgomery counties voted for the measures, as did Baltimore City and County. Question 4 was narrowly defeated in Frederick and Anne Arundel counties, but those same counties both passed Question 6. This could be a sign that both counties are trending leftward, after being primarily rural and conservative in years past. Prince George’s and Charles counties both rejected Question 6, possibly owing to the traditional social conservatism of many African American voters.

Question 7 was a fiscal and moral issue: whether to expand gambling in order to boost state revenue. There could be two sources of opposition to this measure. Some were opposed because they believed the money would not be going to the schools, as was claimed by the government. Others are opposed to the principle of gambling in the first place. Voters for Question 7, therefore, must be fiscally liberal enough to pus aside any moral misgivings they may have had. Accordingly, the traditionally fiscal-liberal counties of Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Charles voted for the measure, as did Baltimore City. Joining them were a diverse collection of counties from around the state. From the west: Allegany, Frederick, and Washington. From the south: Calvert and St. Mary’s. And from the east: Somerset, Wicomico, and Worcester.