“Obamacare” Proves A Success

The defining moment of Obama’s presidency thus far has been his passage of the Patient Protection and Affordability Act in 2010, also known as “Obamacare” or simply the health care law.

Many groups, funded by special interest groups and pharmaceutical companies, have aired commercials and ads claiming that it is “socialism” and will somehow cause America’s demise.

However, the numbers coming in simply do not support their claim. Click the image below to enlarge:


In addition, Forbes Magazine, a prestigious business publication, reported in January that more small businesses are offering health care to their employees thanks to the new law.

In fact, Forbes columnist Rick Ungar sums everything up very nicely with this closing comment:

If you’re all about beating up on President Obama, you can conveniently forget this bit of data as if it never really happened. However, if your interest is to make health care available to more Americans, this should be a happy day for you – no matter what your ideological beliefs.

-Rick Ungar