Final Results: Arnett and Paone Win Re-election

After a long, suspenseful week, the City of Annapolis has released the results of the absentee and provisional vote counts.

Ward 2

Fred Paone (R-inc): 842 votes, 51.3%
Kurt Riegel (D): 800 votes, 48.7%

Margin of victory: 42 votes

Ward 8

Ross Arnett (D-inc): 916 votes, 51.7%
Julie Mussog (R): 853 votes, 48.2%

Margin of victory: 63 votes

Two races were decided by less than 70 votes… still think yours doesn’t matter?

In both races, the incumbents received more absentee votes than their challengers. Mike Pantelides also edged Gavin Buckley on absentee ballots, 291-281, but obviously that 10-vote surplus is nowhere near enough to erase Buckley’s election night lead. Click here for updated Annapolis results.