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Elections 2018: District 1

Senate District 1

Incumbent: George C. Edwards (R)
Challengers: none

Past Results:
2014: George C. Edwards (R) unopposed
2010: George C. Edwards (R) unopposed

Senator George C. Edwards (R)

George Edwards has the safest seat in the Senate for Republicans, and barring a primary challenge, he will win re-election in 2018. District 1, located in the Maryland panhandle, voted for Trump over Clinton 77%-19%, and will be a tough hill for any Democrat to climb. Edwards is used to running unopposed, and it’s looking like he may be unopposed again this year.

House District 1A

Incumbent: Wendell Beitzel (R)
Challengers: Michael Dreisbach (D)

Past Results:
2014: Wendell Beitzel (R) unopposed
2010: Wendell Beitzel (R) 72.6%, James R. “Smokey” Stanton (D) 27.3%

District 1A contains all of Garrett County in far western Maryland, as well as a portion of Allegany County southwest of Cumberland. This is deep red territory (82-15 Trump), and a Democrat would have a tough time winning here even in the bluest of blue waves. Even so, Michael Dreisbach, the owner of the Frostburg-area Savage River Lodge, has filed to run.

House District 1B

Incumbent: Jason Buckel (R)
Challengers: Penny Walker (D)

Past Results:
2014: Jason Buckel (R) 58.9%, Kevin Kelly (D) 40.9%
2010: Kevin Kelly (D) 51.3%, Mary Beth Pirolozzi (R) 48.6%

Few observers were surprised that Republicans picked up this seat in 2014, as this Allegany County district had been voting Republican at the national level for years. In 2016, voters here favored Trump over Clinton 72-23. This district could become competitive again if it contained all of Cumberland, but that won’t happen until at least 2022, so Buckel is favored to win again this year.

House District 1C

Incumbent: Mike McKay (R)
Challengers: Nicole Alt-Myers (R), Jordan Lysczek (R)

Past Results:
2014: Mike McKay (R) 57.0%, Nick Scarpelli (D) 42.9%
2010: LeRoy Myers (R) 69.7%, Ronald Lohr (D) 30.1%

Republicans won this panhandle seat in 2002 by unseating then-Speaker Cas Taylor. Since then, Democrats have fought to win this seat back every election cycle, and 2014 was the closest they came. Nick Scarpelli largely self-funded his Cumberland-based campaign and still fell 14 points short. This district stretches from the old manufacturing city of Cumberland to the western suburbs of Hagerstown, an area which has been trending Republican for years and strongly favored Donald Trump by a margin of 76-20. While Larry Hogan won every precinct in 1C, Scarpelli actually had considerable success in the Cumberland area:

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The race to watch here in 2018 is the Republican primary. In August 2017, the Register of Wills for Allegany County, Rebecca Drew, resigned, and Delegate Mike McKay made it known that he wanted to be considered for appointment to the vacancy. Under the assumption that the 1C seat would be open for 2018, Nicole Alt-Myers and Jordan Lysczek filed to run. When McKay was passed over for the Register of Wills job, he filed for re-election, which is no longer a certainty. More information on this saga is available at A Miner Detail here, here, and here.

Alt-Myers ended up slightly out-raising McKay in 2017, even if you don’t count the $16K loan from her husband, former delegate LeRoy Myers.

No Democrats have filed here yet. The strongest candidate would be Cumberland Mayor Brian Grim, but there’s no indication that he will run.

Campaign finances as of the January 17 filing deadline:

Name Receipts Self Fund Expenditures Cash on Hand
Nicole Alt-Myers (R) $13,400 $16,535 $27,727 $2,208
Mike McKay (R) $12,199 $0 $11,743 $7,884
Jordan Lysczek (R) $197 $0 $134 $63

Elections 2018: District 2

Senate District 2

Incumbent: Andrew Serafini (R)
Challengers: none

Past Results:
2014: Christopher Shank (R) unopposed
2010: Christopher Shank (R) 70.9%, Donald Munson (R) 28.2%

Senator Andrew Serafini (R)

Senator Andrew Serafini (R)

District 2 is located in Washington County in western Maryland, including Hagerstown and the surrounding areas. Politically, this area has been conservative for decades, and Hagerstown shifted significantly towards the Republican party in 2016. Trump beat Clinton here 64%-31%, which is steep but not insurmountable for Democrats in a blue wave year.

Andrew Serafini was appointed to this seat when Senator Christopher Shank took a job in the Hogan administration. Serafini had previously served in the House of Delegates from district 2A since 2008, which he had also been appointed to. He has a reputation as a pragmatic conservative, and although he tends to be a weak fundraiser, he’s handily won two contested elections.

House District 2A

Incumbents: Neil Parrott (R), Bill Wivell (R)
Challengers: none

Past Results:
2014: Neil Parrott (R) 36.0%, Andrew Serafini (R) 35.9%, Elizabeth Paul (D) 16.9%, Charles Bailey 11.1%

2A is a two-member district encompassing eastern Washington County, with the exception of the City of Hagerstown, which is District 2B. This is a very conservative, 68-27 Trump district where Larry Hogan is extremely popular and Republicans will be favored to win in November.

House District 2B

Incumbent: Paul Corderman (R)
Challengers: Peter Perini (D)

Past Results:
2014: Brett Wilson (R) 54.3%, John Donoghue (D) 45.6%
2010: John Donoghue (D) 52.7%, Cort Meinelschmidt (R) 46.9%

Hagerstown has long been a Democratic oasis in dark-red western Maryland. Amid abysmal Democratic turnout, voters in 2014 voiced their opposition to the status quo and elected popular local attorney Brett Wilson over longtime delegate John Donoghue. Two years later, again with terrible turnout, District 2B voters favored Trump 49-45. This should be considered one of the Democrats’ top pickup opportunities in 2018, but they must find some way to bring voters to the polls.

Delegate Wilson was appointed to a judgeship in 2016, and local Republicans selected Paul Corderman, a Hagerstown city councilman, to succeed him. Corderman will start out with good name recognition since the district borders are practically coterminous with the city borders.

Peter Perini has filed for this seat as a Democrat. Former Hagerstown mayor Davis Gysberts would also make a fantastic delegate.

Campaign finances as of the January 17 filing deadline:

Name Receipts Self Fund Expenditures Cash on Hand
Paul Corderman (R) $10,192 $0 $994 $9,198
Peter Perini (D) $0 $10,400 $28 $15,467