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Election Projection 2014: Anne Arundel County

Screenshot of the original - click to view

Screenshot of the original – click to view

Anne Arundel County is the home of the state capital of Annapolis, the state’s major international airport at BWI-Thurgood Marshall, the state’s largest shopping mall at Arundel Mills, one of the state’s largest casinos at Maryland Live, and Fort Meade, which has been the major beneficiary of the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) relocation program, as well as the headquarters of the National Security Agency (NSA). Population growth has been concentrated in the western area of the county, where the military base, mall, and casino are located. In redistricting, only a single precinct was moved: a precinct in Severn/northern Odenton containing the communities of Pioneer City and Shamrock Cove was shifted from District 4 to District 1.

While the county has a reputation for voting Republican, trends suggest that a major shift may be underway.

Past Results:

2012: Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R) 48.8%, Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D) 48.7%
2008: John McCain/Sarah Palin (R) 50.0%, Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D) 48.2%

2010: Robert Ehrlich/Mary Kane (R) 54.2%, Martin O’Malley/Anthony Brown (D) 43.4%
2006: Robert Ehrlich/Kristen Cox (R) 56.9%, Martin O’Malley/Anthony Brown (D) 42.0%

County Executive

Incumbent: Laura Neuman (R) – Lost primary
Filed Challengers: George F. Johnson, IV (D), Steve Schuh (R)
Projection: Lean R Hold

Past Results:
2010: John R. Leopold (R) 50.4%, Joanna Conti (D) 44.0%, Mike Shay (G) 5.4%
2006: John R. Leopold (R) 51.0%, George F. Johnson, IV (D) 48.9%

The County Executive race was once seen as an easy win for Steve Schuh, but it has turned into a dead heat as George Johnson’s campaign gained serious momentum in October, despite being vastly outraised by Schuh.

George Johnson, IV (D)

George Johnson, IV (D)

George Johnson IV ran for this office in 2006, after serving for 12 years as the county’s elected sheriff. After losing a close election to John Leopold 49%-51%, Johnson was appointed Superintendent of the Maryland Natural Resources Police, a position he still holds today. Johnson’s path to victory will be getting the Democratic base to turn out – and not vote Green Party. Mike Shay took over 5% of the vote in 2010, and while this didn’t make the difference in the race, it would have brought it within one percentage point.

Del. Steve Schuh (R)

Del. Steve Schuh (R)

Steve Schuh is a state delegate from Gibson Island who has compiled a very conservative voting record while in the House of Delegates. He has long been seen as the front-runner in this race, and it wasn’t even considered an upset when he defeated sitting County Executive Laura Neuman in the Republican primary. Many people expected him to be appointed to the position when John Leopold resigned. He owns a string of Greene Turtle restaurants along with business partners Derek Fink (a county councilman) and James King (a former delegate) and has strong financial backing.

Schuh will win if Democrats fail to turn out their base and win independent voters. While his business credentials are solid, Del. Schuh’s voting record may serve to alienate some would-be Neuman voters. He would have to hope that his war chest will provide him enough outreach to win them back.

Campaign Finances as of the August 26 filing deadline:

  1. Steve Schuh (R) raised $1,164,240, cash on hand $225,322
  2. George Johnson (D) raised $181,952, cash on hand $72,349

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Election Projection 2014: Baltimore County


The partisan divisions of eastern vs. western Baltimore County could not have been more apparent during the 2010 Democratic primary for County Executive between the liberal Kevin Kamenetz and the more conservative Joseph Bartenfelder. The Republicans also picked up an eastern council seat, making the chamber 5-2 Democratic. The county as a whole is trending more Democratic, with much of the growth being in west county between I-795 and Route 40.

Past Results:

2012: Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D) 57.3%, Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan (R) 40.3%
2008: Barack Obama/Joe Biden (D) 56.2%, John McCain/Sarah Palin (R) 41.7%

2010: Martin O’Malley/Anthony Brown (D) 49.2%, Robert Ehrlich/Mary Kane (R) 48.7%
2006: Robert Ehrlich/Kristin Cox (R) 50.9%, Martin O’Malley/Anthony Brown (D) 47.9%

County Executive

Incumbent: Kevin Kamenetz (D)
Filed Challengers: George H. Harman (R), Tony Solesky (I)
Projection: Safe D Hold

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz (D)

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz (D)

With a strong incumbent in the race, and no Republicans with county name recognition, Kevin Kamenetz is strongly favored to win a second term.

Campaign Finances as of the August 26 deadline:

  1. Kevin Kamenetz (D-inc) raised $893,992, cash on hand $1,025,807
  2. George Harman (R) raised $3,060, cash on hand $2,996
  3. Tony Solesky (I) raised $1,000, cash on hand $1,000


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Far-Right Conservative Candidate Inches Closer to Primary Win in AAC-5

Michael Peroutka

Michael Peroutka

With the provisional ballots counted, Michael Anthony Peroutka has increased his lead over Maureen Carr-York to 38 votes. The two are competing for the Republican nomination to succeed Councilman Dick Ladd in Anne Arundel’s fifth council district. Ladd was defeated in his bid for re-election, coming in third place and 434 votes behind Peroutka.

District 5 includes Arnold, Millersville, and Severna Park.

District 5 includes Arnold, Cape St. Claire, Millersville, and Severna Park.

Peroutka ran for President in 2004 on the Constitution Party ticket, where his campaign pledges included a “return to a Republic of Sovereign States based on Biblical principles.” Peroutka also sits on the board of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate movement which advocates for the secession of southern states, a “society dominated by European Americans,” and has been designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Peroutka also heads the ultra-conservative Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), which insists that our Founding Fathers intended America to be a Christian nation ruled by Biblical principles, and advocates a return to those principles.

Peroutka also appears to have won a seat on the county’s Republican Central Committee (RCC), the governing body of the local Republican Party.

AAC Local Election Results (from Maryland State Board of Elections)

Victories for Progress on Election Day

Thank you!

Because of your hard work and generous donations of time and money, we can spend the next four years moving forward. Keep watching this site, though, because we don’t plan to take a rest before 2014 rolls around. Improving Baltimore has to be a constant process.

Other than President Barack Obama and Senator Ben Cardin’s victories on Tuesday, here are the results from several other important local votes:


Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District:

Dutch Ruppersberger (D-inc) – 65.6%

Nancy Jacobs (R) – 31.1%

Leo Wayne Dymowski (L) – 3.2%

Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District:

John Sarbanes (D-inc) – 66.8%

Eric Delano Knowles (R) – 29.6%

Paul W. Drgos, Jr. (L) – 3.4%

Maryland’s 6th Congressional District:

John Delaney (D) – 58.8%

Roscoe Bartlett (R-inc) – 37.9%

Nickolaus Mueller (L) – 3.2%

Maryland’s 7th Congressional District:

Elijah Cummings (D-inc) – 76.5%

Frank Mirabile (R) – 20.8%

Ronald M. Owens-Bey (L) – 2.5%


State Question 4 (DREAM Act):

FOR – 58.9%

AGAINST – 41.1%

State Question 6 (Marriage Equality):

FOR – 52.4%

AGAINST – 47.6%

State Question 7 (Expanded Gaming):

FOR – 51.9%

AGAINST – 48.1%


Baltimore City Question K (Move city elections to Presidential election year):

FOR – 77.3%

AGAINST – 22.7%

Anne Arundel County Question B (Removal of County Executives):

FOR – 89.8%

AGAINST – 10.2%


Source: MD State Board of Elections

Vote FOR K on Election Day

Sure, it sounds cheesy: “Vote for K on Election Day!”

But Question K is no joke. Neither was the turnout for the 2011 mayoral election: only 23% of registered voters showed up at the polls.

Question K is a solution: rather than have city elections in an odd year, move them to a Presidential election year. That way, more people who would have come out to vote anyway will vote for Mayor and City Council.

Here is the text of Question K straight from the Board of Elections website:

We urge you to help make democratic process easier for hundreds of thousands of people by voting FOR this simple ballot question. It’s the first step towards our city’s future.

Both Charter Amendments Pass

Both Charter Amendments on the ballot Election Day have passed. These are unofficial results.


QUESTION A – Nonlapsing Funds for Quality Schools – Reinvesting in Our Youth

For              38,040       86.9%

Against        5,727         13.1%

QUESTION B – City Council – Age Requirements

For              33,790       74.3%

Against        11,710       25.7%



Mayor Wins Re-Election

Incumbent Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake won her first full term in a landslide victory last night. Democrats swept all city offices in a heavily blue city. However, turnout was only 13.28%.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Official Photograph

After a dramatic set of primary elections, there were few surprises in the general election. In District 7, there were more write-in votes than Republican votes. In District 13, a dedicated write-in campaign for Democrat Shannon Sneed limited Warren Branch to barely over 50% of the vote.