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Election Projection 2014: District 37

Senate District 37

Incumbent: Richard Colburn (R)
Filed Challengers: Del. Addie Eckardt (R), Christopher Robinson (D)
Projection: Likely R Hold (edge to Colburn)

Past Results:
2010: Richard Colburn (R) 59.2%, Chris Robinson (D) 40.8%
2006: Richard Colburn (R) 56.2%, Hilary Spence (D) 38.8%, Moonyene Jackson-Amis (I) 4.9%

Sen. Richard Colburn (R)

Sen. Richard Colburn (R)

Delegate Addie Eckardt is mounting a primary challenge to Senator Colburn, who is in the middle of divorce proceedings for allegedly having an affair with one of his former aides. This seat will remain in Republican hands, it’s just a question of whose.

Del. Adelaide "Addie" Eckardt (R)

Del. Adelaide “Addie” Eckardt (R)

Campaign Finances as of the June 13 deadline:

  1. Addie Eckardt (R) raised $28,896, cash on hand $28,814
  2. Richard Colburn (R-inc) raised $78,824, cash on hand $33,184
  3. Chris Robinson (D) raised $9,888, cash on hand $1,345

House District 37A – 1 member

Incumbent: Rudy Cane (D) – will retire
Filed Challengers: Sheree Sample-Hughes (D)
Projection: Safe D Hold (Sample-Hughes)

Past Results:
2010: Rudy Cane (D) 63.2%, Dustin Mills (R) 36.7%
2006: Rudy Cane (D) unopposed


This is a majority-minority district on the Eastern Shore running from Cambridge to Salisbury. Incumbent Del. Cane withdrew from the race in late February, and Wicomico County Councilwoman Sheree Sample-Hughes will run unopposed in November.

House District 37B – 2 members

Incumbents: Addie Eckardt (R), Jeanne Haddaway-Riccio (R) – Eckardt will run for Senate, Haddaway-Riccio is running for Lt. Governor
Filed Challengers: Johnny Mautz (R), Allen Nelson (R), Rodney Benjamin (D), Keasha N. Haythe (D), Christopher T. Adams (R), Rene Desmarais (R), Karen Tolley (R)
Projection: Likely R Hold (Mautz, Adams)

Past Results:
2010: Addie Eckardt (R) 41.3%, Jeanne Haddaway (R) 39.9%, Patrice Stanley (D) 18.7%
2006: Addie Eckardt (R) 34.5%, Jeanne Haddaway (R) 32.2%, James A. Adkins (D) 16.6%, Tim Quinn (D) 16.6%


Both seats are left open in this Republican district on the middle Eastern Shore. Johnny Mautz and Christopher Adams appear to be the early front-runners, given their fundraising reports. Campaign Finances as of the June 13 deadline:

  1. Johnny Mautz (R) raised $99,281, cash on hand $25,587
  2. Christopher Adams (R) raised $50,760, cash on hand $21,776
  3. Allen Nelson (R) raised $3,401, cash on hand $1,563
  4. Rene Desmarais (R) raised $38,124, cash on hand $17,245
  5. Keasha Haythe (D) raised $4,685, cash on hand $4,685
  6. Karen Tolley (R) raised $2,930, cash on hand $67
  7. Rodney Benjamin (D) filed ALCE (raised/spent less than $1,000)

Election Projection 2014: District 36

Senate District 36

Incumbent: Steve Hershey (R)
Filed Challengers: Richard Sossi (R), Benjamin Tilghman (D)
Projection: Safe R Hold

Past Results:
2010: E.J. Pipkin (R) 63.3%, Steven A. Mumford (D) 36.6%
2006: E.J. Pipkin (R) 63.7%, Harry E. Sampson (D) 36.2%

Sen. Steve Hershey (R)

Sen. Steve Hershey (R)

Senator E.J. Pipkin resigned and moved to Texas in August 2013, and the local county Republican committees were required to submit a name to Governor Martin O’Malley for a replacement. However, the committees couldn’t decide between Delegates Steve Hershey and Michael Smiegiel, so they put both names to the governor, who selected Hershey. When he was appointed to the Senate, Hershey was serving his first term in the House, which he won in 2010 by defeating incumbent Del. Richard Sossi in the Republican primary by 124 votes. Sossi has now filed for the Senate to challenge Hershey once again.

Former Del. Richard Sossi (R)

Former Del. Richard Sossi (R)

Campaign Finances as of the June 13 deadline:

  1. Stephen Hershey (R-inc) raised $41,420, cash on hand $39,935
  2. Richard Sossi (R) raised $11,217, cash on hand $19,190
  3. Benjamin Tilghman (D) raised $6,306, cash on hand $7,315



House District 36 – 3 members

Incumbents: Jay Jacobs (R-Kent), Michael Smigiel (R-Cecil), Steve Arentz (R-Queen Anne’s)
Filed Challengers: Jeff Ghrist (R-Caroline), J.D. Uhler (R-Cecil), Irving Pinder (D-Queen Anne’s), Robert Thornton (D-Caroline), Rod Heinze (R-Cecil), Alan McCarthy (R-Cecil)
Projection: Safe R Hold (Jacobs, Smigiel, Arentz)

Past Results:
2010: Stephen S. Hershey (R-Queen Anne’s), Jay A. Jacobs (R-Kent), Michael D. Smigiel (R-Cecil) / William C. Manlove (D-Cecil), Arthur Hock (D-Kent)
2006: Mary Roe Walkup (R-Kent), Richard A. Sossi (R-Queen Anne’s), Michael D. Smigiel (R-Cecil) / Wheeler R. Baker (D-Queen Anne’s), Mark Guns (D-Cecil), Joan O. Horsey (D-Kent)

Del. Jay Jacobs (R)

Del. Jay Jacobs (R-Kent)

The 36th is the largest district by land area in the state of Maryland, due to its low-density, rural composition. It includes all or part of four counties: Caroline, Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s. In order to keep one county from dominating the district, the 36th has the unique requirement that no more than one of its three delegates can reside in the same county. If Smigiel (Cecil) runs for State Senate, the only incumbent delegate will be Jay Jacobs, from Kent County. Therefore, the other two delegates will have to be from Caroline, Cecil, or Queen Anne’s.

Del. Steven J. Arentz (R)

Del. Steven J. Arentz (R-Queen Anne’s)

In November 2013, Queen Anne’s County Commissioner Steven Arentz was appointed by Governor O’Malley to the vacancy formed by Hershey’s elevation to the Senate. Being appointed is, of course, no guarantee that a person will win the Republican primary in 2014. However, the winners of the GOP primary will likely cruise to election in the heavily conservative 36th, where the assault weapons ban and gas tax are exceedingly unpopular. Senator Mikulski only won 46% of the vote in the precincts that make up the new District 36, so the seats will remain firmly in Republican hands.

Del. Michael Smigiel, Sr. (R)

Del. Michael Smigiel, Sr. (R-Cecil) will run for re-election to the House after being passed over for the Senate appointment


Campaign Finances as of the June 13 deadline:

  1. Steven Arentz (R-inc) raised $40,127, cash on hand $32,276
  2. Jay Jacobs (R-inc) raised $32,011, cash on hand $22,414
  3. Michael Smigiel (R-inc) raised $11,882, cash on hand $20,679
  4. Jeff Ghrist (R) raised $9,790, cash on hand $1,101
  5. J.D. Uhler (R) raised $9,669, cash on hand $313
  6. Rod Heinze (R) raised $4,138, cash on hand $1,881
  7. Robert Thornton (D) raised $4,000, cash on hand $4,000
  8. Alan McCarthy (R) raised $3,185, cash on hand $7,931*
  9. Irving Pinder (D) raised $1,229, cash on hand $1,000
*Candidate is missing one or more finance reports.