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Who Voted Against Equal Marriage in MD: Senate Edition

This is a continuation of our earlier post, listing all the Maryland Delegates and how they voted on the Civil Marriage Protection Act. Now, we have the list (and map) of the state Senators.

In this map, blue indicates a vote for the marriage equality bill, and red means that Senator voted against it.

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Support in the Senate seems much more geographically concentrated than support in the House. The ayes are limited to the Montgomery/Howard/Baltimore City corridor.


Only one Republican broke ranks and voted for the bill: Senator Allan Kittleman of District 9, which covers northern Howard and southern Carroll counties. Democrats who opposed the bill came from traditionally socially-conservative places. Norman Stone represents Dundalk and Essex in eastern Baltimore County. Senators Douglas Peters, Joanne C. Benson, Ulysses Currie, and Anthony Muse are from Prince George’s County. Senators Mike Miller, Thomas Middleton, and Roy Dyson represent southern Maryland. John Astle and Jim “Ed” DeGrange are from Anne Arundel County,  and Senator Jim Mathias is from the Eastern Shore.