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State Ballot Question Results by County

Sometimes it’s easier to view the results of an election graphically. These maps show which counties voted FOR Maryland ballot questions 4, 6, and 7, which voted AGAINST each measure, and which voted BARELY AGAINST the questions (between 50-51% No). Click any image to enlarge.

Question 4 - Click to enlarge.

Question 4 – Click to enlarge.

Question 6 - Click to enlarge.

Question 6 – Click to enlarge.

Question 7 - Click to enlarge.

Question 7 – Click to enlarge.


Precinct Results: State Ballot Questions 4 and 6 – Anne Arundel County

In November 2012, citizens in Maryland voted on several laws passed by the General Assembly. Among them were Question 4, which provides tuition at the in-state level for immigrants who pay Maryland taxes, and Question 6, which allows equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. Here, we have mapped the results by precinct in Anne Arundel County.

Question 4. Click to view full-size version.

Question 4. Click to view full-size version.

Question 6. Click to view full-size version.

Question 6. Click to view full-size version.

The biggest thing that stands out is the stark difference between the Severna Park/Arnold area vs. the Pasadana/Lake Shore area. While both capes vote reliably Republican, Lake Shore is far more socially conservative than Arnold. Nearly every precinct between the Severn and Magothy rivers voted in favor of marriage equality, while there were only three between the Magothy and the Patapsco.

Another noticeable fact from the maps was that Crofton is very similar in this way to Severna Park and Arnold. Every single Crofton precinct voted in favor of question 6, even though the town is a toss-up politically (49% Obama in 2012). In addition, no Crofton precinct voted for question 4 by less than 48%.

Voters in Maryland’s 33rd legislative district and the 5th councilmanic district should take note. For a pretty socially liberal electorate, their elected officials are currently very conservative.

The same cannot be said for Crofton’s more reliably Democratic neighbor, Odenton. Over 57% of Odenton went for Obama in 2012, but it appears to be more socially conservative than Crofton. The Maple Ridge precinct (04-003) voted against question 6, and they were joined by King’s Ransom (04-012) and East Piney Orchard (04-023) in their opposition to question 4.

Other than that, everything was as expected. West county and Annapolis vote liberal, south and northeast county vote conservative. The south continues its leftward trend, due to “spillover” from PG county and trends towards Democrats in Shady Side. However it will be quite some time before the south turns “blue.”

Data file (CSV) from Maryland Board of Elections

CAA Moves Hoops Tournament to Baltimore

This was exciting to see:


The tournament has been hosted in Richmond, VA since 1990. Not only will this move probably increase the attendance from northern CAA schools, but it will have a positive impact on business in Baltimore, as well as increasing the city’s prestige.

Read the full article by Jack Lambert at the Baltimore Business Journal.