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Victories for Progress on Election Day

Thank you!

Because of your hard work and generous donations of time and money, we can spend the next four years moving forward. Keep watching this site, though, because we don’t plan to take a rest before 2014 rolls around. Improving Baltimore has to be a constant process.

Other than President Barack Obama and Senator Ben Cardin’s victories on Tuesday, here are the results from several other important local votes:


Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District:

Dutch Ruppersberger (D-inc) – 65.6%

Nancy Jacobs (R) – 31.1%

Leo Wayne Dymowski (L) – 3.2%

Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District:

John Sarbanes (D-inc) – 66.8%

Eric Delano Knowles (R) – 29.6%

Paul W. Drgos, Jr. (L) – 3.4%

Maryland’s 6th Congressional District:

John Delaney (D) – 58.8%

Roscoe Bartlett (R-inc) – 37.9%

Nickolaus Mueller (L) – 3.2%

Maryland’s 7th Congressional District:

Elijah Cummings (D-inc) – 76.5%

Frank Mirabile (R) – 20.8%

Ronald M. Owens-Bey (L) – 2.5%


State Question 4 (DREAM Act):

FOR – 58.9%

AGAINST – 41.1%

State Question 6 (Marriage Equality):

FOR – 52.4%

AGAINST – 47.6%

State Question 7 (Expanded Gaming):

FOR – 51.9%

AGAINST – 48.1%


Baltimore City Question K (Move city elections to Presidential election year):

FOR – 77.3%

AGAINST – 22.7%

Anne Arundel County Question B (Removal of County Executives):

FOR – 89.8%

AGAINST – 10.2%


Source: MD State Board of Elections

Vote YES on Questions 4, 6 and 7!

Election Day is tomorrow! Make sure you vote YES on the three biggest ballot measures that will move Maryland forward, not back.

Because if you live in MD and pay MD taxes, you should pay MD tuition.

Because everyone should be treated equally. That’s a true American value.

Because people are going to gamble regardless. Would you rather that money go to Maryland schools, or West Virginia?