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Election Watch: 9/24

With less than 7 weeks to go to Election Day, polls results begin to look more final. If Obama is ahead by this margin at this point in the race, Romney’s chance of winning is slim at best. Romney shot himself in the foot last week with a PR disaster. Another thing we learned this week is that anyone who still claims the Senate is not in play, is out of their mind. The Democrats have a very good chance of holding on to the upper house.

Democratic Party – 51
Republican Party – 47
Independents – 2 (ME, VT)
Democratic Party – 200
Republican Party – 235

Election Watch: 9/8

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are a party’s 3-day opportunity to make their case to the American public. With these now wrapped up and in the books, there does not seem to be much movement in the Presidential race.

Democratic Party – 48
Republican Party – 50
Independents – 2 (ME, VT)
Democratic Party – 201
Republican Party – 234

Who Voted Against Equal Marriage in MD?

The Civil Marriage Protection Act was ratified in February 2012, finally legalizing gay marriage in Maryland after a long political battle. The final vote was 72-67 in favor, which begs the question, which delegates voted against this bill? The Democrats have much more than 72 seats in the House of Delegates.

The information is readily available on the Maryland General Assembly site. We have gone one step further (actually, two steps) and created a colored list by party, as well as a map showing where their districts are.

First, the map. This shows where in the state the votes for and against equality came from.

Click to enlarge.

Finally, the list of votes:

From that list, we see members of both parties crossing the line and voting against the majority of their party, mostly socially-conservative Democrats voting against gay marriage. However we also see two Republicans voting for the Act: Bob Costa and Wade Kach.