Baltimore City

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The Inner Harbor looks nice for tourists.

What’s wrong with Baltimore City?

  1. Ease the tax burden on city residents by promoting rapid growth policies and re-examining certain taxes.
  2. Work with the city and state governments to create new livable housing, and create incentives for restoring existing buildings.
  3. Attract businesses to Baltimore by expanding the downtown area.
  4. Form public-private partnerships to improve intra-city transit by creating a Baltimore Metrorail system and a high-speed rail line to Washington.
  5. Increase the college attendance rate of city residents aged 18-24 by expanding the Baltimore City Community College and making a basic college education more affordable.

Tourists love to visit the Inner Harbor and Fort McHenry, but just a short walk inland will reveal an entirely different city; a city where 1 in 4 people are living in poverty. Public schools are underfunded and run-down. High-traffic bridges are falling into disrepair. Over 40,000 homes in the once-neatly planned city are boarded up and vacant. And fully 11.5% of our brothers and sisters are still unemployed.

To us, these statistics are unacceptable. And we understand it’s up to us to make change happen. It’s clearly not going to happen on its own.


Just a bit further in, streets of houses are vacant and boarded up. Click for larger image.

What do we do? What CAN we do?

The CFP builds relationships between families, businesses, and government. Only through communication will we achieve the goals that will benefit everyone:

We will bring businesses and jobs to Baltimore City.

We will build affordable and livable homes in Baltimore City.

We will clean up corruption in our city government.

We will reform the property tax to attract residents.

We will promote the creation of new art and music in Baltimore City.

We will work to completely eliminate racism in Baltimore City.


Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and help rebuild? Then you’re ready to join our effort. By working together, we can achieve greater things than if we worked¬†separately. We are a grass-roots organization, because change starts at home. Whether you live in Baltimore City, Maryland, or anywhere else in America, you can stand in solidarity with us and participate in our efforts. We need you. Because the City needs you.